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UPI Series Industrial Water Purifiers

UPI Series Industrial Water Purifiers Industrial Water Purifiers UPI Industrial Water Purifiers
  Time Tested Technology  
Over the period of many years it has been established that the simplest way to disinfect water is to expose it to sunlight. The UV spectrum of light is that band having wavelengths between 2000 io 3900 angstrom units' The ultraviolet wavelength of 2537 A has the greatest germicidal propefiy. Light is electromagnetic radiation / radiant energy travelling in form of waves.
  How UV Works

How UV Works All living organisms contain DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid). DNA provides the mechanism for all functions needed to sustain life, Ultraguard disinfection systems emit 254nm UV light that penetrates the outer cell membrane oi microorganisms, passes through the cell body, reaches the DNA and alters the genetic material. The microorganism is thereby destroyed in a non-chemical manner and is unable to reproduce.

Operating Cost Lowest low High
Ease Of Installation Excellent Good Poor
Ease Maintenance Excellent Good Poor
Cost Of Maintenance Lowest Medium High
Frequency of Maintenance lnfrequent Frequent Continuous
Control System Excellent Poor Good
Disinfection Kills all Leaves Some Kills All
Performance Microbes Pathogens Microbes
Hazards Low High High
Effects Of Water Non Forms
Toxic by Products
Contact Time 1-5 Seconds 30-60 Minutes 10-20 Minutes

The Technological superior features ot UV Disinfection system makes it the ideal choice for use in a wide spectrum of users like: 1) For saf e and pure drinking water as per W.H.O. Standards, 2j Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic lndustries 3) Food Processing lndustries 4) Sott Drinks & Mineral Water lndustries 5) Breweries & Distilleries 6) Paint lndustries 7) Fish Hatcheries 8) Chemical lndustries 9) Petroleum lndustries 1O) Electronics 11) Marine lndustries 12) Power lndustries 13) Effluent Treatment 14) Dry & Bottling Plants 15) Sea Food Processing 16) Textile lndustries 17) TOC Reduction 18) Power lndustries and many more.
Why only Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Out of the all available methods of disinfection of water, the most comprehensive, effective, safe, reliable and ecofriendly method of disinfecting water is Ultraviolet treatment. As Chlorination and other chemical disinfection systems once assumed to be safe and harmless, are now known to have long term damaging effects on the human body. However in case of chlorine, it not only affects water taste and odour as it disinfects the water, more importantly chlorine produces cancer causing by-products in some waters.

Why Ultraguard UV is the Natural Choice ?
Largest range in models and capacity
Largest range in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial models. Standard and Customised Models for specific customer need are available from 60 litres per hour to 3 lac litres per hour.
Superior Construction
Proven design to ensure optimum UV dosage in the water.
Heavy Duty 316 Grade Stainless Steel Chambers.
Extra pure Quartz Glass Jacket which allows maximum transmission of UV light in the water.
High Intensity UV Lamp to impart maximum UV dosages.
Wiping Mechanism also available which will maintain disinfection efficiency even for poor quality fluids.
Most Efficient
Effective against all micro organisms including spores.
Continuous monitoring of germicidal UV intensity possible.
Can be linked easily to process controllers.
Long term operations with minimal maintenance.
Superior to alternatives
On line Purification, Instantaneous continuous supply of water.
Less Capital intensive, lower running costs than other methods.
Effective in high temperature water.
No Detrimental effects
UV has no detrimental effect on product stability.
No unwanted resides, odours, colour or taint.
Over dosing not harmful.
Water retains its natural taste.

No handling and storage of hazardous chemicals.
Built in lamp monitor for each lamp indicating functioning of the lamp,
gives alarm in event of failure of even a single lamp.


Compact and easy to install
Conveniently fit in to existing pipe work and vessels.
Minimum site preparation.
Most economical installation.


Inexpensive and simple to maintain
No moving parts to maintain.
Simple and safe operation easily understood by operators.
Designed for remote operations.
Replacement of UV Lamp is quick and simple.

  Our business philosophy is one of complete customer satisfaction, which is reflected in :  

Prompt knowledgeable and friendly attention from Unicom employees and authorised representatives who really care about the needs of the customers.

Superior services before and after the sale.

Unequalled sustaining engineering support.

Rigorous quality control checks before, during and after production.

Design and fabrication of top quality standard and custom equipment.

Extensive ongoing research and development.

The Unicom team is made of dedicated professionals at our factory and headoffice, whose special skills combine to provide the finest ultraviolet equipment and field support.

Whether it is a 60 Ltr./Hr. (1LPM) or 30oms/Hr.(5000 LPM) custom engineered system or Rs. 500/- spare parts order, Unicom always provides the linest products at competitive prices and backs those products with service second to none.

Call Unicom and we will put our expertise to work for you.

The widest range of Standard Domestic ,Commercial and lndustrial models to choose from.

Model No. Capacity LPH lnlet / Outlet
Dimensionof Purification ChamberLxDia.(mm) Dimension of Control
UPI 50 750 1" NPT 525 x 135 300x150x300
UPI 100 1,600 1" NPT 900 x 135 300x150x300
UPI 200 3,400 1 1/2" NPT 900 x 175 300x150x400
UPI 300 5,400 11/2"' NPT 900 x 200 300x150x400
UPI 400 7,600 2" NPT 900 x 250 450x150x400
UPI 600 14,800 2" NPT 900 x 300 450x150x400
UPI 800 19,800 2" NPT 900 x 350 700x150x400
UPI 1000 26,000 2" NPT 900 x 400 700x150x400

Also available custom built models up to 3 lac. ltr. / Hr. as per specific customer demand. Optional Accessories 1) Filter Assembly 2) Filter Cartridge 3) Tlme Elapse Meter 4) Ultra Violet Monitor 5) Solenoid Valve

Industrial Water Purifiers, UPI Series Industrial Water Purifier, Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Mumbai, India
Industrial Water Purifiers, UPI Series Industrial Water Purifier, Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Mumbai, India
Name Unicom Skytech Ltd.
Address 8, Arab Bunglow,
12th Khetwadi, Lane,
Mumbai - 400004,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel. (022) 23883469 / 23898787
Fax (022) 23880226
Mobile 9699632914
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